1. Members will vote on a proposal to expand the space we occupy in the current building

  2. Members will vote on a proposal to update the existing Code of Conduct with changes from the upstream project

  3. Members will vote on filling 2 unfilled Officer positions: Director and Events Coordinator


Attendees: Andy, Jeep Fred Alan Heather Lore Josh Roger Aaron Cody

Jeep expressed concern about the visibility and validation of votes. All counting is done automatically by google forms and the results spreadsheet is stored in the RCL Cloud drive, accessible by anyone with a rivercitylabs.space domain.

Space expansion proposal passes! 29 votes for, 2 no, 5 abstained

Fred wants to work with the landlords and start drafting the new lease since the current lease is ending in November. The new lease will include the newly passed room. He wants to have a moving plan and a cost plan before we sign a new lease.

Josh will have an updated estimated cost breakdown of the new room build-out next week (based on whatever the current design is). check out the #rcl-expansion-2022 channel in slack to stay up to date on this discussion

Aaron will put some code of conduct posters together for the space so it's more visible

Quorum proposal passes! QUorum percentage has been reduced from 51% of eligible voters to 40%

Joe Spanier is elected for Event Coordinator

Jeep is elected for Director at Large

Heather raised enough money for a new sandblaster cabinet when we're ready for it.

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