New RCL Website

The new RCL static website is now live!

Details on the new site can be found here

New "RCL Cloud Storage" Shared Drive

Aaron has migrated the entirety of the old RCL Public and RCL Officers shared drives (personal shared drives) to a new Google Shared Drive under the rivercitylabs.space domain.

For more info, please go here.

Mill project update


Forge project update


Vacuum Former project update


Lockers sold

Karen sold the lockers to someone this month for $60.

2020 RCL Officer Nominations

The nominations for our 2020 officers starts tonight! Nominations will be open for a certain amount of time. Please use the nomination form in the #officer-nominations slack channel

2020 RCL Officer Elections Next Month

Be sure to come and vote for next years officers! Proxy voting will open up two weeks before the membership meeting next month.

Vote to Expand into 250sqft of the back room Next Month

Our landlord has offered 250sqft of the back room to be used for Cold Storage. That means no heat and no AC, for $150/mo, month to month, no lease, 30 day notice to quit.

It's a 8ft x 32ft section right inside the door.

The current plan is to utilized half the space for paid member project storage, and the other half for long term RCL storage for things that don't get used much (screw wall, air compressor, sand blaster, etc)

Actual details of paid member storage are still TBD, but an open discussion on implementation details will happen if the vote passes.

We can afford to expand with the current revenues.

Aaron hopes that with paid member storage, we can easily break even on the new space AND net some profit to be used elsewhere (rent the rest of the room???)

Vote to purchase Jay's Probotix router Next Month

The price is $3100 and RCL can afford to pay it outright, but it would be nice if those that use the router often could contribute to its purchase since we don't currently charge for machine use.

This price includes the router, the rotary axis, the current computer and controller, and the table it sits on. Essentially we're paying to keep everything the way it is, otherwise Jay will sell it elsewhere and it will dissapear.

The decision to pursue this router was made in the #new-cnc-router channel over the past 5 months. A formal vote to purchase it will be held next month during Officer Elections.

Come to Make-a-Thon tomorrow!

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