Attendees: Jeep, Karen, Heather, Don, Alan, Joe, Sam, Al-Jolly, Harold, Mike, Rishi(Guest)

Special Guest - Mike Overholt from Marquette height men's club

  • $500 Check

Reviewed Officer Meeting and Reviewed Budget and Expenses for 2022


  • The stop/start switch has been replaced

  • AP installed on the Wood shop

  • Woodshop upgrades to include elbows and drops and gates and input connection so every tool can slide together and work together and correctly

  • Don't Disconnect the aluminum tape EVER!!!

  • Screw off lid on the vacuum has been installed for ease of use in the dust collector

Engineering Day Tuesday -19th

  • SAM to show up at 1.00am Saturday

  • 10.am Kelleher's polar punch

  • Museum and CAT visitor center is open from noon to 5.00 pm

OpenHouse - 25th 1.00pm to 5.00pm

  • Pine wood derby track at ignite and open-house

AL-Jolly and Harold hooked up the fan for the ABS printer

  • Leave it on for now, add automation in the future

New rotary grinder in the grinding room

  • 30,000 RPM

  • please be careful

  • with foot petal and variable speed


  • New tube for rotary

  • new lead-screws for k40


  • Al fixed the bearing on the Huber printer

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