March '22 Officer's Meeting

Attendees: Aaron, Alan, Fred, Karen, Patrick, Sam

  • #administration-bylaws-updates

    • Expansion

      • Make a draft proposal, newsletter to members for voting (Karen, Patrick and Sam)

        • include the expansion floorplan

        • include the prices, current situation wrt financials and our options

        • make it look like a "compare these options"

    • Discuss rolling bylaw updates idea

      • pick a section each month and see if it still serves us, and change wording if necessary

      • Purchase guidelines

  • Code of conduct update proposal

  • Casting class lessons learned

  • Rotary Laser

    • Converting K40 to being a full time rotary laser

    • increase the Z height too

  • Laser chiller fuses

    • Greg and Fred ordered 15 together

  • Spring time cleaning Routine

    • Fred and Sam to clean the Kitchen and Laser

    • replace the bathroom sink with a utility sink?

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