Officers: Jeep Johnson, Heather Houze, Wesley Thill, Alan Hennis, Joe Spanier, Fred Bliss

BFL Alignment

  • Joe has not had time to check alignment yet, will try to align it on Friday

Midwest Maker Fest / Ignite Peoria

  • Pinewood Derby

    • Cars are cut and getting finished by Men's Club

    • Jeep has been painting and printing cars to have extras

    • Awards are being finished by Al

    • Heather has been advertising to libraries, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.

    • Track is 8'x 50', so 20'x50' would be nice to have

  • Plan to have pizza for lunch for members who volunteer

New Members

  • Heather has been emailing people who came for tours but didn't sign up

  • Two of the last 3 new members are people that Heather followed up with

  • Visiting student is a member of a Makerspace at his school in Michigan, and Heather wants to know about giving him a starving membership for the remainder of his time in Peoria - officers agree

Fiber Laser

  • Joe recommends 30W JPM MOPA LPE (~$4000) https://lasersonly.com/products/flmzjpt30lp

  • Need a green acrylic box (~$500)

  • Concern - we need to maintain our CO2 laser capabilities first before adding a fiber laser, and replacing the Glowforge & BFL would cost $15K

  • There are a number of new desktop lasers that are going to become commercially available soon. $30k laser for $5k. Recommendation to wait until these are available to replace Glowforge (if possible).

CR-10 S5 Donation

  • Printer is free, Will Staples has expressed interest in fixing it up

  • Wes to let Quinton know that we will take it

New Overhead Projector

  • Our current projector is old and getting dim and hard to see

  • Discussion to continue on Slack

Membership Status

  • 85 members - 72 full members, 5 starving, 8 digital

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