Attending: Jeep, Heather, Alan, Karen, Levi, Andy, Dean, Josh, Don, Vincent, Jim Streeky, Fred

  • Excel Spreadsheet Budget for certain areas including RCL general use, create different departments and what the starting budget will be, put in administration

  • Plywood- (2) 4x8 sheets since Summer, they will be returned- in the future, if anyone leaves sheets here longer than 2 weeks, they will be cut in half and put on racks.

  • Organize the area with the welders, large kiln is leaving, small kiln is going to be on a stand, blue mill is going on a stand in the coming weeks

  • Jeff Cecil- Lab Manager at Bradley is joining and will be forming some classes i.e. CNC Mill set up and practical use-- member only at first and then expanding beyond that to open to the public to generate revenue. If you have ideas on classes, let’s get them started and get them planned.

  • Lathe needs to be replaced, tailstock is 335 plus shipping to replace/maintenance

  • If you notice a tool needs to be repaired, PLEASE notify someone immediately so we can repair it and get it working and safe.

  • Access point for wood shop area, vacuum is going to be fixed. Paint booth- we have spray foam to seal it up

  • Need a new laser dingus for the BFL, it is MIA-- correction, it has been found Wish List on the wall

  • Open house February 25th 11-3, events created for Engineering Day and Open House on Facebook, open house is also on Meetup

  • Handtool, small tool inventory-- need, check cleat wall also-- if something is broken, let someone know

  • Library is being created both physical and ebooks

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