Attendees: Aaron, Cody, Fred, Heather, Jeep, Karen, Petersa, Sam


  • Elections

    • nominations, Wes and Sam to draft and send it on slack and email, heather offered help as well.

  • Bylaws update

    • 300$ cap, 1000$ cap.

    • Establish a budgeting structure for a later date.

    • Group/Family Membership.

      • Aaron and Karen to work on the verbiage to amend it

    • add COC to bylaws

  • Woodshop French cleats

    • Still in the woods

    • Jeep to do a sketch-up

  • Internet Connectivity Issues (Aaron to follow up)

    • Another Ubiquiti for woodshop

    • reach out to McKeagan

  • Vinyl cutter to move near Cricut

    • All says yes

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